Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sunday Hangover Entries.

  • AKIC went out last night.  He won't be doing that again for a while.  Ouch!  He didn't talk to Tony all day yesterday.  He came home with very smoky clothing.  It will take one year of sold domestic evenings spent at home to make up for it.  He was at the top floor of some hotel south of Nanchang Temple Market (not the Nikko!)
  • He then went to Ronnies where across the canal they are building a tall building of some sort.
  • Doing a radio procedure English Corner, AKIC had many students say "out" so they could get out of making conversation.  Best call sign was Romeo Mike Bravo.
  • Seahawks win!  That is one for AKIC's heart!  AKIC's head didn't think they could do it.
  • Jets win! Ditto!  Heat two, Head nothing.
  • AKIC reckons there are at least a hundred buildings, of twenty or more stories, being constructed right now in Wuxi.  And he is hearing stories of Wuxi People owning two, three, or more apartments.
  • The MoreSky360 has sunk one meter on one side, AKIC had heard.  That is enough to make it a leaner.
  • Damn!  There was a thought AKIC meant to put into this entry but he has forgotten it.  AKIC will rack his brain and hope the thought comes to him before he clicks on the publish button.
  • Some people in Wuxi live very decadently.  Not AKIC.
  • The woman said "A dishwasher was an appliance!".   The man responded "How can you dehumanize  your entire sex?"
  • The Chinese don't know how to party.  True, and I say good on them.
  • What is Tony Kaulins up to?  Visit here to find out.
  • I saw construction workers hard at 1100 pm on a Saturday night.  No union mentality here.  Unfortunately, many Westerners bring the union mindset to English teaching.

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