Thursday, January 20, 2011

Friday, Fry my brain day, not.

  • I won't fry my brain on Friday.  For one thing, it is actually Wednesday for me; for another, I don't fry my brain anymore.  Not that I ever did that much....
  • So many podcasts; so little time to listen to them all.  There is Adler, Ricochet, Levin, Econtalk, Slate, Surprisingly Free, Lino at Large, Personally Speaking, the Balcony, and Uncommon Knowledge to name a few.
  • The way the Left treats Sarah Palin is all the reason I need to never be a Leftist.  Ronald Reagan at one time said that these people were well-meaning but wrong.  I don't think that can be said anymore, except for very rare people of good will.
  • The NFL will hold its conference championship games on AKIC Friday.  Here are some predictions from the staff at HyLite English School.
  • Coincidences.  Two people, out of a group of nine, that I spoke to yesterday had the same birthday:  August 20th.  Another two students discovered that they had both been to Venice, Italy.
  • A student told me she first meet the man who was to be her husband on the train.
  • Another student told me she meet her eventual husband on the Internet.
  • Thursday, I saw students perform a play where two of the characters were gay.
  • I hope to find out what the students thoughts are about Hu's visit to the USA.  I saw video of the ceremonies on the White House lawn yesterday as I rode the bus home.  I was all agog (is that the right word?) at the ostentatiousness.
  • The Wuxi Red Guards will play in the first ever Super-Duper Bowl.
  • I notice I can't eat at normal meal times.  Friday lunch time, I am making this blog entry.  I am this way because I like to stay busy and I always feel an urgent need to make a blog entry.  I also don't like to eat at the same time as the Chinese because there are so many of them -- eating at off-times, I can find a seat and some quiet.
  • What is happening at TKIC?  Find out here.
  • How to stop me from eating all the chocolate in the house?  I tell my wife to hide it.  Leave it out in the open and it is gone, gone, gone baby gone!
  • Wuxi, China will host the Olympic Games.

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