Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunday Ruminiminations

  • Where is Tony's head?
  • Evil Keith Olbermann aka Keith Overbite host of Countdown to No Ratings has finished his run at MSNBC.  Who knows why it ended? Anyway,  I watched his signoff. -- I found it interesting to see him talk about his father.  I find it hard to believe  that this guy had a father.  But there he was pretending that he had the basic humanity that he accused all his political opponents of lacking -- that is something that the Left does all the time.  What moment for me defined Olbermann and spoke of his character?  George Bush decided to not play golf when he was president -- he thought it was untoward while he was Commander-In-Chief to be doing this.  Bush never made this fact public -- he was no moral showboat.  But it came to light when he was asked about it.  Olbermann saw this and decided to dump on Bush -- accuse W of being a moral showboat.  The Left at its' classiest.  Damn a guy coming and going.  Did Olbermann ever apologize?
  • Tony is 41.
  • The snow is melting in Wuxi.  It should be all gone by Monday.
  • As the bus passes the train station, I see a man walking.  He carries a stick on his shoulders. On both of ends of stick hang two bags full of, maybe, all his stuff.  Is that 19th century technology?

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