Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why wasn't Pope Benedict XVI named Wuxi Expat of 2010? and other thoughts.

  • Notes about Tony.
  • A man who sits on a throne is a king.  A man who sits on a horse is cowboy.  A man who sits on a dog should be working.  A man who sits on a camel is a Lawrence of Arabia wannabe.  A man who sits on another man's lap is a Queen.
  • It has been suggested that fat foreigners could help with the Moresky360 sinking problem.  Now!  Come on!
  • Why wasn't Pope Benedict XVI named the Wuxi Expat of 2010?  Well, it would have besmirched him.  For in 2009, AKIC decided to make Obama the Wuxi Expat of the year -- AKIC had gotten into the fad of giving Obama undeserved awards and accolades that was occurring at the time.  AKIC now realizes that that decision besmirched the Wuxi Expat of the Year Award; and it will take years or proper rewarding to build up a reputation for prestigiousness for the award.  Now this of course raises the question: does giving the award to Tony Kaulins besmirch him?  Well, he was a sentimental choice, and those kind of awardings are a bridge for an award to achieve future prestigiousness.
  • I wish I could find my Seattle Seahawks Knit Cap to wear this week.  Just think, if the Hawks win the Super Bowl, they will have an overall record of eleven wins and nine losses.
  • I watched How to Train Your Dragon.  Good movie!  Thought it didn't pique Tony's interest just yet -- he warms up to movies on his own schedule.

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