Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thursday Linky Dinky Rinky Doings and Thinkings

  • I took a lot of photos on Tuesday Evening. You have seen some of them already, perhaps. The new few bullets will list some more.
  • Tony sings Hey Jude!
  • The K family never rests.
  • Tony close up.
  • So much is happening in Wuxi Expatdom, it has its own news channel.
  • Some Wuxi Expats will marry their underwear, undergarments, and basketball.
  • I saw a three-wheel taxi, going the wrong way, make a quick left turn into a right turn lane just as the van was making a right turn into the same lane. The result was a near collision in which the taxi driver would have been at fault.
  • The latest column by David Warren in which he writes about the terrorist attack at the Moscow Airport. He observes that standard security arrangements at airports creates huge pools of delayed travellers, who make the perfect soft target. The suicide bomber simply blows himself up on the near side of the security barrier. He doesn't even try to pass through. This thought occurred to me the one time I happened to be in Shanghai during the Expo -- long lineups were created by people having to pass through X-ray machines before entering the subway -- bombers, I noted, could simply detonate a bomb there and kill many people thus thwarting the security arrangements. And Warren also made another observation that applies to government thought, as well as much Progressive-Left-Wing thinking. The state itself must consider people as individuals, not as units of a mass. And it is only when this is done that we have any chance of defending ourselves against evils that are not "random irruptions of nature," but instead the morally significant acts of human souls. This quote makes my brain boil over with thoughts: Jarod Loughner was evil. He would have found a way to kill if he didn't have a gun or couldn't build one. Progressives pander to the masses. Obama talks about "folks". Conservatives don't like Obama because of his ideas. Progressives don't like Conservatives because they see them as a group of white people and Christians. Till Progressives actually see voters as individuals instead of groups to pander to, they will never "get it." Till economists like Krugman stop seeing people as aggregates of demand, they will never understand the stupidity of what they advocate, and how bad economic decisions aggregations are what Economists should be thinking about....
  • The Vancouver Canucks are in top spot in the NHL's Western Conference. It is making my prediction that they won't win the Stanley Cup in 2011 look doubtful. If that prediction does turn out to be wrong, I will be happy, and happy to say I was wrong. I am hoping I am wrong. I have been wrong so often before that I am not traumatized by it.
  • Tony Kaulins sits on the sofa while Tony K talks.
  • A Video of Tony before CNY 2011
  • Let's talk about the Moon!

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