Monday, January 17, 2011

It doesn't feel like Saturday, but I could make an argument that it is.

  • Actually, it feels cold.  If I didn't have to get up early to get Tony onto the kindergarten van, I could still have that warm Saturday Morning feeling which comes from being in bed.
  • Getting Tony to school.
  • The standings in my NFL playoff pool.
  • Jenny always clean the apartment on my "Saturday" morning.  Being Chinese, she opens all the windows before she does so.  It may be a sensible thing to do in Spring or Summer, but in Winter, I think it is too much.  And when she cleans, she applies herself with a sternness that I find intimidating.  I can only be a bystander when she gets this way.  I have to stand because there is nowhere to sit and I would feel guilty if I did; I stand "by" because I don't know how I can help her -- I can't ask her what to do, because I am supposed to know; and taking initiative, I have come to realize, is more often than not, a losing proposition -- what seems sensible to me makes no sense to the Chinese mind.  I have never vacuumed a bathroom in my time but Jenny insists that I should have before I tried to clean it this morning.  A hour of effort down the toilet!
  • I have a DVD set that has all the movies of Bruce Lee.  The set also contains documentaries and so I have been able to watch footage of his funeral many times over.   I play the fighting scenes for Tony and he finds them so funny that he giggles.
  • Three hours of watching SOA this Monday or Saturday.  What is SOA?  A televison series I have on DVD about a fictional motorcycle gang called the Sons of Anarchy.  The series is okay and I feel no urge to give up on it.
  • Speaking of giving up, I feel like giving up on some left-of-center podcasts I have been listening to.  They have said things in the past week about Sarah Palin that could only be the product of visceral hatred.  To question her intelligence about her use of the words "blood libel" when she used it in a proper fashion would be laughable if these people weren't so serious and had gotten to the pose of being offended.  Any one who would question her on that is certainly is not a person of good will.  What are they thinking?  That she believes Jews use the blood of Christian Babys?  That she thinks Progressives are actively planning to  perpetuate a genocide on Tea Party people?  That she is being anti-Semitic?  That just because she, being  that Sarah Palin woman, has been wronged and been accused of encouraging the shedding of innocent blood, she has no right to defend herself?  Sarah Palin for President!

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