Tuesday, January 11, 2011

AKIC Monday Blogtings

  • Tony off to kindergarten, I am off to work eventually....
  • What are you doing Daddy?
  • Tony Kaulins watches Bruce Lee.
  • Who is the greatest Australian of all time?  None other than the great economist FA Hayek, who was the intellectual dynamo behind the Thatcher and Reagan Revolutions!  He he he.  Here is a stupendously, wonderful podcast about him from Econotalk -- the best weekly podcast on the Internet.
  • It seems that the Leftists are retreating into gun-control rhetoric as the facts about the Arizona shooter become known.  It turns out he was a political independent -- a no-labelist, as it were.
  • Actually, who is the greatest Australian of all-time?  Being a Canadian, that is hard question to answer.  I know many a famous Australian.  And I think Australia is a great country that has accomplished a lot of which it can be proud, and it is one of those rare countries that hasn't been become famous for having a leader committed to doing gross stupidities.   But to this Canadian, Australia is a place where men in tight shorts play a strange game on a cricket field, and otherwise doesn't enter my day-to-day consciousness.  When it comes to naming the one great Australian, I am stumped.
  • But I am also stumped when it comes to naming the greatest Canadian.  Sometime ago, a poll was conducted and a man named Tommy Douglas was named the greatest Canadian of all-time.  Tommy who? you ask. 
  • It is good to see that Krugman is getting lots of flak for his  over-the-top comments about the Arizona shooting. 

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