Sunday, January 2, 2011

Interesting Links from City Journal

This link: The Bus Market Booms bemoans the fact that entrepreneurs can create affordable transportation for people but are thwarted by government meddling in transportation.  In America, it is Amtrak, the White Elephant of a transport company being subsidized by the private bus entrepreneurs who are actually responding to the needs of real people.  In China, governments are building unnecessary trains and subways.  Sure, trains are sexy, but it is the bus that is a better and more economical way to transport people about.  I can also recall from my time in the area of Vancouver how the car was a necessity for travel anywhere because of the government controlling the bus and taxi industry.  I have witnessed the a private transportation system pop here in Wuxi that the authorities have gotten to yet.
This link: Asian Megacities, Free and Unfree describes the urban development of Shanghai, Beijing, and Seoul.  Shanghai and Beijing don't get any praise.  The word "facade" pops immediately when Shanghai and Beijing are examined. 

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