Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Return to work headlines

Seven Videos Uploaded
I was able to upload seven videos to Youtube yesterday.  It took nearly seven hours to do so.  It is the first time I have been "caught up" on my video uploadings in the longest time. 

I uploaded the videos to Youku in about fifteen minutes.

Laoshu zuo shenme?
What did this mouse do as soon as the wife and son were away?  He watched a three DVDs, about which you can see below.  He took a bath.  He made himself supper.  He uploaded seven videos to Youtube.

All the King's Men
This movie, based on a Robert Penn Warren novel, was no classic.  It featured no actors I had heard of before, although one looked like a young Henry Fonda, but wasn't.  A common guy turned populist turned demagogue becomes governor of an American state.  The changes seem to take place too fast.  I think it was based loosely on the life of Huey Long.

To Have and Not Have
Or was it titled To Have and Have Not?  This was the classic Bogart-BaCall movie based on a Ernst Hemingway novel.  

Stage Door
This movie starred Ginger Rodgers and Kate Hepburn.  The script featured sparkling dialogue and of course those two actresses delivered their lines impeccably.  It was good to see Rodgers without Astaire.  She was quite the talent although anyone would be outshone by my man Fred, the most aristocratic of actors.

  • I will do an English Corner tonight on peace.
  • I will go to a primary school next week.
  • I will ride my electric bike home tonight.
  • I will read lots.  Right now, I am still in the midst of the Wind in the Willows. Why is it taking me so long to get throught a kid's book.  I find the prose heavy.  I am re-reading "With Charity toward none: a fond look at Misanthropy" by Florence King.  Adopting the mood of films or books I have read, I imagine myself walking around saying bitter truths and what is on my mine  -- never happens in reality though.
  • Sandwiches for lunch.
  • I will present the next set of O20 photos in a Swedish dialect? 
The Chinese Education System
Doing a class on Education, I had many students tell me that the Chinese education system was terrible.  They said there was: too much homework, inadequetely trained teachers, too much emphasis on tests, corruption, and no outlet for creativity.  But I did point out to them, that a Western parent would admire the fact that the students were being made to work and acquire discipline unlike their Western counterparts.  

I would like Tony to start his education in the Chinese primary school system.

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