Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The K family goes downtown

Nanchang Market
Wednesday afternoon, the family Kaulins went to the Market Nanchang Temple.  Jenny bought some Christmas presents for Andis's parents.  Andis and Tony goofed off.  A and T ran into Wuxilife Fred and W.F.'s parents (who are regular readers of my blog  -- bless their souls).  Having not seen F in a while, A learned what F was up to.
A and T then went to the third floor of the book market.  A bought 3 old movies on DVD for 10 rmb  -- movies he had never heard of before but look interesting because of the covers.  A bought T a VCD of a British Children's show called In the Night Garden.  A gave T a choice of The Incredibles or that -- T actually shoved away the Incredibles, much to A's disappointment.  A tried to teach T that you have to pay for things for before you walk away with them.  T walked out with the VCD.  When A gave him money and took away the VCD, T cried.  Onlookers laughed.  One woman, as a joke, told T to give her the money which he did.  Eventually T went in the proper direction toward the cashier to pay the money and get his VCD.
A and T then wandered the rest of the Market area.  A was disappointed by what he saw.  Half of the area, he observed, had been torn down to be replaced with lord knew what.  What was new seem too slickly commercial mallish.  A recalled being very impressed with Nanchang when he first saw over six years ago.  Wednesday afternoon, he wandered.  The charm was disappearing.  And he then discovered a new supermarket in Nanchang.  Game over.  Nanchang will become a shopping mall, thought A.
Baoli Carrefour
  • The Import section has been moved and its selection has been reduced.
  • No green apple juice anymore.  Makes one want to die.
  • The Chinese version of Gatorade is only available in small bottles.  Wuxi's quality of life goes downhill.
  • They still have the sesame seed bread in the bakery.  Nothing better than going home, bringing out a container of margarine, and devouring the loaf whole.

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