Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Party at A-1 Club
I will be celebrating Halloween at the A-1 club in Downtown Wuxi.  My school has a party there fro which I have been roped into playing the foreign M.C. for the evening.  You can find out about my costume tomorrow.
Tony Vomits
Here are a few updates about my son Tony who is currently staying with my wife in her hometown:
  • Yesterday, Tony vomited out his entire supper.  He had had about 16 shrimp, and proceeded to vomit it everywhere.  Afterwards, he was fine.  But that is the sort of thing that worries me about his staying in the Chinese countryside.
  • Tony is a celebrity about Beixing.  My wife Jenny tells me "Every one knows him!"
  • It took my wife an hour to feed lunch to Tony yesterday.  So, in her words she "beat him".
My Sleek Update
The brand of my electric bike is Sleek.  As rare readers, who understand my turgid prose, may have figured out, I have had some trouble with my bike the last two days, as it has lost some acceleration power.  Yesterday, I took the batteries out of the bike and recharged them in my office at school.  The batteries being heavy, I was clever enough to use the elevators in the building to bring them to the third floor  -- the batteries must weigh, together, at least fifty pounds.  The recharging made my ride home last night Jim Dandy.  I was able to go 45 km/h all the way back home.  So, it may well be that the problem I had had was caused by the rain.  But before I come to final pronouncements, I may also have a problem with where I usually recharge my Sleek....

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