Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just another AKIC Monday!

Back to Work
After a weekend of watching old movies and experiencing Chinese Dental Surgery, I am back to work.  I wonder what fresh horrors await me today. (I ask what fresh horrors await me now whenever I look at my gmail account.)
What old movies did I watch?  If you have been following you know I have watched the African Queen, Scaramouche, and....
Kiss Me Kate
Cole Porter meets William Shakespeare.  To me, nothing could be cooler.  Kiss Me Kate is a musical adaptation of  Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew with music and lyrics by Cole Porter.  Filmed in 1950s style colour, Kiss Me Kate was the highlight of my weekend.
Rio Grande
This is a Western starring John Wayne.  Another way cool movie in my books.
They Drive by Night
A movie about truckers starring George Raft and Humphrey Bogart.  A good movie but nothing is stranger than to see a movie with Bogart in a supporting role.  The star of the film George Raft seemed like such a non-entity.  I believe that the Alan Hale in this movie was the Alan Hale who played the Skipper on Gilligan's Island.
Jenny and Tony's Return
Jenny tells me that she and Tony will return next Friday -- two days later than I was hoping.
Halloween Costume
I should set an example and prepare a costume for Saturday's Halloween party.  But I just don't have the time, money, and inclination.  I have a hard enough time having clothes for real life, let alone finding more specific clothes for a costume idea I would have.
Still a problem in the apartment, even in late Fall.  I always my my electric racket fly swatter beside to catch the little buggers.  Hearing them fly is a wonderful feeling.


Anonymous said...

spray mouth wash on you; it will keep the mosquitoes away from you...

Andis Kaulins said...

I enjoy the thrill of hunting them with my electric fly swatter.

Besides, Mouth Wash is expensive here on a teacher's salary.