Thursday, October 15, 2009

I need someone new to be a sycophant to...

WMM seeks a Male to lionize in a light-hearted way
Perhaps, people have a Milton Friedman side or a Alan Greenspan side to their personality.  Both men made a name for themselves in Economics.  Friedman was the combative, argumentative theorist; Greenspan is the accommodating type able to work in government and so stand making the compromises that governing and politics demand.  Friedman was perhaps too dogmatic; Greenspan  perhaps made too many compromises.  Forced to choose I would be like Friedman.  In reality, I am a Greenspan.  I am not where I would like to be in theory.  I am where circumstances have put me.  

Perhaps also, people have a Jeeves or Wooster side to them.  Jeeves was the brainy, rational, sober, calm-under-pressure butler for Bertram Wooster who was frivolous, prone to panic, not quite in grasp of ideas, and always needing to be saved.  On this count, I am conflicted.  I like to be both at the same time.  Alas, I deviate from one extreme of these personality types to the other.

Then again, people could have their Saintly and Hell Angelish sides to their personality.  And this paradigm isn't exactly Atheist and Theist.  They can overlap.  What, I mean is I would never end up in jail.  I could never be in a motorcycle.  I would blush at locker room talk.  I will quietly go along with whoever I am with.  So I would be the passive saintly type, not the aggressive saintly type.

There was this division of personalities in my relations with the KoW.  I have serious tastes while his are pedestrian.  But when it comes to practical matters, I am Bertram Wooster without a pile or a butler, the KoW is like Bismarck with the knowing smile of the Buddha to boot.

But the KoW will be deserting Wuxi eventually so I need a new person to be a sycophant to.  Requirements:  the virtues of chastity and the vice of gluttony; an interest in literature so maybe we can talk; an interest in politics - you can be left-center leaning so I can mock you, you must come from a place like Winnipeg - you lack glamour, and you must like science fiction and Cheetos so I can mock your taste.

If you fit the bill, email me at  

p.s.  I should have mentioned Don Quixote and his sidekick Sancho Panchaz.  In this coupling, the KoW is definitely Don Quixote with illusions of grandeur.

p.p.s.  Another pairing comes to mind:  Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon.  In this pairing I am the suave and cool Carson.  Imp is like Ed McMahon with a weakness for the sensual.

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