Sunday, May 31, 2009

Teaching Harry Moore to be a Gurkha Teacher.

I have told Harry he will have to teach like a Gurkha.  For after all, most plans (lesson plans) do not survive first contact with the enemy (students).  To get Harry on "his toes" and to get him to always be able to instantly adopt "Gurkha teaching postures", I am always sneaking up on him, startling by my unexpected appearances and sudden loud noises.
This is the first morning of not having a maid in the apartment.  I will have to do some cleaning myself but what?
I watched the Titanic movie and survived.  In fact, many did, but just barely.  These thoughts come to mind as I read news that the last Titanic survivor has passed away.
I spend my evenings waiting for Tony to get to sleep.  Before, he actually does, he can be very violent.

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