Friday, May 8, 2009

Flat Tire

Not much to report from AKIC land or Akicland, this Saturday morning except for the Flat Tire. I discovered the reat tire of my electric bicycle was flat last night as I planned to ride it from work last night. So, I had to take the bus and the motorcycle taxi home.

The high temperature today is supposed to be 33 celsius!

Here is an editorial from Bill Maher. If this represents how the Left "thinks" and the Left is in the ascendant then God help us. Maher's definition of Patriotism seems to be sacrificing for the state. Patriotism as I understand does involve having gratitude. In America, there is this love country borne from being able to escape the compulsory sacrifices imposed by states in other parts of the world. American patriotism is borne of gratitude. However, it is hard to think of the likes of Bill Maher having gratitude for anything. All I see is a sneerer and a scoffer.

It may well be that Maher is on the Left because of good intentions. But his manner, I think, makes me wonder. And his manner does, ironically, make Rush Limbaugh appear wrong on one point. Rush has always said that many people on the Left have good intentions and are well meaning but have bad solutions to the problems of the world. When I look at the likes of Maher, I wonder if the left is well-meaning.

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