Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Randoms

I realize I have been posting a lot of video but not much writing.  I am waiting for a grand thought and insight but none are coming.  Most of what I have seen I can't write about anyway but it is too close to home and has to be kept under my hat.
I have plenty of spare time at school.  So I have been studying my Chinese and Greek texts.  I will report soon the completion of the Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad.  The last two days, I have also watched a DVD of the movie Brigadoon starring Gene Kelley.  The DVD I found at the Nanchang Book Market Third Floor.  I enjoyed the movie.  I liked the fact that it was filmed in CinemaScope.  The movie was a musical obviously filmed on a set.  But the set was so well designed that I didn't not mind at all the obvious unreality of it.  The movie will never be called great yet, I enjoyed more than any of the great movies of this day and age.  The movie was pure escapism with alright music and dancing.  How I wish I could just live in a musical.  It would be wonderful if my classes broke out into elaborate song and dance numbers.
The students believe that the economy is slowly recovering.  In may in China, I say.  But the Chinese are right to worry about Americans printing money.  They in fact have been grilling the Fed about it.
I told my wife to not take Tony downtown because it was Children's Day.  Better to take him downtown on another day when there would be peace and quiet, I said.  But the wife today took him downtown anyway.  She phoned me to summon me to join them at a playground.  It was of course full of screaming children of other people.  I loathed it so.

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