Sunday, May 17, 2009

Video of Tony and Pandas

The Nanjing Zoo has a Panda Pavilion.  I of course took video and photos.  I would show you the photos but I can't access  I hoping that this is a problem with the computer I am using here in Nanjing.  I worry that Blogspot has been blocked.  This has happened before and will probably happen again.  With the permanent shut on most video-sharing sites lately, a clampdown on Blogspot would not be a surprise. 
Thankfully, I can make entries to this blog via email.
Monday, the wife will go downtown to do some shopping while Tony and I hang out and do the father and son shtick.  Speaking of fathers and sons.  I met an Italian man with a Chinese wife yesterday at the Zoo.  They have a 26 month old son who can drop kick a soccer ball.  We spotted the boy before we found the parents.  Jenny looking at the boy, quickly concluded that he was a mixed-blood baby like Tony.
Sunday evening, we went to this restaurant with photos of Mao and Chou En Lai on the wall.  The food was good although in the morning my stomach experienced a little Boxer's Revenge.

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