Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Day of 85.

There is an 85 bakery near our school. The temperature outside will probably 85 degrees Fahrenheit at some point today. At Casa K, two men wear shirts bearing the number 85.

Is this an astounding coincidence? Is it maybe proof that God exists? Is there a team in the National Football League looking for a father and son wide receiver** team? These are questions that this blog, in the interests of humanity, must deal with. Rare readers are welcome to join in.

Rare readers are probably thinking that the two talented individuals pictured above must have played on some great NFL passing offence teams like the San Diego Chargers in the 1980s or the Kurt Warner lead St. Louis Rams.

From Spengler, Israel is the world's happiest country. I have always found that country (as well as America) an endless source of interest. That a country can be so happy with neighbors that want to destroy it, a history with such tragedy, and all the world seemingly against it, shows how Israelis have a better perspective on life than most of us. There is something to be learned from Israel and it long tradition of learning. Along with America, these two countries are the greatest source of hope for the world. That the struggle to get the world to realize this continues shows what a hopeless place it is. Best to be happy, and not worry so much about hope.

Dom Deluise is dead. The fat guy from the seventies whose love of life brought a smile to one's face passed away just recently. Dom was old school. He was from a time where fat guys weren't expected to bend over and reveal their ass cracks to get laughs. In my mind's eye, I can also remember him being pals with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. R.I.P.

Here is a beefcake shot, for the ladies, of Tony.

**In the National Football League, the greatest sports league in the world outside of the Upper Delingan Coin Tossing Federation, players wearing uniform numbers 80-89 are wide receivers or tight ends.

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