Monday, May 25, 2009

Animal Stories.

I did a conversation salon class about Endangered Animals.  The one student who admitted to having  tried vegetarianism saw no problems with animals being extinct.  "Survival of the fittest!, she said.  But then she also said close the zoos because it violated their rights.  It was nice to have a student with unorthodox opinions for once.
I also asked the students for some animal stories.  I got two which I can pass on to you rare readers (rarer because this blog is blocked in China).  Both stories took place in the countryside.  In the first story, the student told us that the government was ordering the dogs in one village to all be killed because some disease was being spread by dogs.  The student's father was angry about this and didn't want their dog to be killed by the government.  So the father killed the dog himself and ate it.  Other villagers apparently did the same thing.  Now, I am not sure if the distrust of the government was because the villagers thought the dog-killing campaign was a ruse to steal food or if there was another reason.  But it was a prize story worth relating to you.  In the second story, a student recounted how his dog was the only one in the village to have a license.  The government, one day, ordered the dogs without licenses to be killed.  Later the licensed dog gave birth to puppies which were given away to all of the village.  And so, the student boasted, every dog in the village from then on could be said to have been related to their dog that had been licensed.
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