Monday, May 11, 2009

Vacation 2009 begins!

The K family vacation begins! I haven't found a satisfactory literary theme for it. I first, of course, thought of the Odyssey, but that isn't a family story. The hero of the Odyssey is trying to get home. But I already am. I could very well base it on Jame Joyce's Ulysses which was based on the Odyssey. Ulysses's Odyssey connection was not easy for me to notice when I read the book but experts assured me there was. I could also base it on the Wizard of Oz, seeing how familiar I am with the story.

I may well just have to let the theme develop organically.

The 2009 K family vacation won't be full of hunting safaris and trips to skid row pubs. It will be of a different sort of adventure altogether. Four days will be spent in Wuxi, five days in Nanjing. In Nanjing, I hope to be able to pig out on hot dogs at the Ikea. Other than that, I will be doing fatherly things whatever they may be. It will be a Tony and Andis Odyssey (maybe I should call it the Akicyssey).

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