Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back to School.

I should say back to work.  The vacation is over today.   I wonder what fresh horrors await we when I check in for my ten a.m. shift.
I don't feel well-rested after my time-off.  But with Tony, being well-rested is a thing of a past.  But, I am learning to appreciate the quiet time.
Tony still can't talk.  But he is communicating in other ways.  He knows to point at things.  He will grab me by the hand and take me to where he needs me to do something,
It is cloudy and wet outside.  So I will be taking the bus to work today.  Then, I will be taking the bus and motorcycle cab back in the evening.
I see some chatter on the net about the Great Firewall of China blocking blogspot.

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