Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sometimes nice things happen because I write this blog.  Usually, I am shunned because people worry I will say something like "A got drunk", "A likes B", "D is a Marxist", "E is a troll",or "A and C had a fight which is nothing unusual.". (Strangely enough, I did actually write something along the line of the last statement in my blog once - it was a throwaway line when early in my blogger days I didn't draw a sharp enough distinction between personal diary and public journal.  I can only look back on that incident and think oops-a-daisy!)  There is a list of people who don't want to be mentioned in this blog.  There is even a video, where I am shirtless, that has angered some locals to no end.  I even worry about snipers after saying good things about spanking children and bad things about proponents of the Wild Card in Major League Baseball.  Some people in Wuxi whose name sounds like mine wish I never existed because they are asked if they are AKIC.  Other locals are mad when the celebrity they get by being written about in this blog gets them unwanted attention. 
Be that as it may, the postives of writing a blog far outweigh the negatives.  Today, for instance, an avid reader of my blog, paying a visit to Wuxi, called me up and we went for lunch.  It was a pleasure to meet Steve who worries about President Oprah as much as I do.

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David Duff said...

"AKIC"? Dare one ask ...?