Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunday Morning.

You can follow me minute-to-minute on Twitter.  I am tweeting instead of doing much blogging these days.  I got to keep busy.
Previously, I wrote a complaining entry about being the last to know about a wedding of a staff member at my school.  Talking a little more about this to some of the Chinese staff, I did learn that it was only natural that I would not have known.  Even with each other, the Chinese do not speak directly - they leave clues.
Shame on me for making hay of it.
The wife fired the maid on Friday.  I think that this time, the firing will stick.  The wife had tried to fire the maid before but she just came back.  The wife was not happy with the lady's work.
I couldn't imagine teaching in Seoul which is so close to the border with Crazyland.

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Lanny McDonald said...

It has been 20 long years! Let us never forget... the Calgary Flames beat the odds and won the Stanley Cup!