Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three buses to choose from

Some days, it's just hard to keep this blog going.  Life is pretty routine.  I do have my son Tony to tell you about.  I do spend a lot of times making things up -- fun, but it doesn't feel like I am getting you an accurate feel of what life in China is like.  Sometimes, I have to resort to telling you about what my hash browns were like at McDonald's (fine this morning -- they came fresh out of the fry vat.), the accidents I have seen (none so far today), and my bus ride to work...
  • This morning, I had the first-in-the-lifetime sensation of having three buses to choose from.  I took the #610 downtown.  I got off near European Street (Oh Feng Jay -- it is pronounced in Chinese, pardon the spelling) to catch a bus to get me close to work.  This morning, the three buses, I can take from the European stop, pulled into the stop at the same time: the #79, the #81, and the #85.  I choose the #81 because it was a double-decker (never get over the novelty) and because it got me closest to McDonald's and Breakfast.
  • Orient Express has written a fine piece about a night with inspector Harry Callahan in the Wuxi China Expatdom.
  • Gorzo the Mighty is getting married!
  • My wife tells me that salt went up to 10 rmb a bag from its normal 1.5 rmb because of nuclear hysteria.

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