Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Off-The-Top-Of-My-Head Favorite Bands List

Time to do a top (maybe) ten list.  Here are my favorite bands of all-time:
  • The Beatles
  • The Clash
  • The Sex Pistols
  • The Who
  • The Rolling Stones
  • New Order / Joy Division
  • The Jam
  • The Police
  • The Velvet Underground
  • The Cure
  • The Byrds
  • U2
  • The Smiths and Morrissey
  • Husker Du
  • Early Van Halen
  • AC DC
  • R.E.M.
As the blog entry title says, this list is off the top of my head, and so has been done hastily.  I will slap myself as through the day I think of bands I have forgotten.

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