Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Chuck!

  • I just read that Chuck Norris has just celebrated his 71st birthday.  Of course, the Wuxi China Expatdom will celebrate it in grand style.  As you should know, Chuck is the only being who can rival Gorzo the Mighty.  I have always liked the joke that Chuck Norris fathered the 1972 Miami Dolphins, the only undefeated team in Professional Football History.
  • I just heard about this boyfriend and girlfriend couple, one of whom works at this school,  who wear the same brand of bright yellow shoes.  I have seen many young couples here wearing the same t-shirts.  So it is a variation on that practice.   It is what they do here, and is not according to many a Westerner's taste -- still, I shudder.  And now I have just had my wife tell me she wants us to wear look-alike Mickey Mouse watches.  I reluctantly acquiesce to this demand.  Anyone who wants to put up with me deserves my acquiescence.
  • Thursday being my long day, I didn't see much of my son, and so I have only a little to say about Tony.
  • One of the local pubs has a deal where you can buy three beers, and get the fourth beer free.  That would be the sort of economizing that my wife wouldn't go for.
  • I meet another person who was born, like me, on December 24th.  However, the woman was Chinese, so it was merely a coincidence, and so we couldn't support ourselves like victims.  The fact that I can say I get cheated or overlooked on that day makes no impression on her.  For the Chinese, Christmas is a holiday with no emotional implications.

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