Sunday, March 6, 2011

Monday, Monday, Mundane

  • Tony got a new toy yesterday.
  • Tony lined up his toys, including his new toy, in formation.
  • It is Monday so I will not go to work.  Perhaps, I will watch a DVD.  I have a lot of choices including the True Grit DVD (How I hope it is a good copy!).
  • Say what you like about Charlie Sheen, but at least he is up front about what he did, or at least a hell of a lot more up front than, say Bill Clinton was.  I remember all these people defending Bill Clinton and yet never once did Bill Clinton (paint a "p" on his forehead for pervert) tell the world that he was a powerful, successful man enjoying the fruits of his success, and that everyone should just mind their own business.  He had all his minions or spokesman do it for him.  The fascination about Charlie Sheen comes from the fact a public figure is actually being candid with his emotions.
  • Meanwhile, I just heard on a podcast that the Sacramento Kings NBA franchise may move to Anaheim and  so the Kings could very well call themselves the Los Angeles Kings.  This would mean that were would be two major Los Angeles Kings sports teams, one in the NBA and one in the NHL.  This kind of thing hasn't happened since the St. Louis "Football" Cardinals moved to Arizona leaving only the St. Lous "baseball" Cardinals.  St. Louis  had two Cardinal-named sports team because the St. Louis "Football" Cardinals used to the Chicago Cardinals.  I am keen on seeing this quirky thing happen.
  • Line in the real Wuxi has become rountine so it is time to make stuff up, loosely based on my perception of reality:
  • Wuxi China Expatdom Prime Minister has hole in sock.
  • The missing Wuxi Expats have been located.

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