Sunday, March 13, 2011

Should I shave on my day off?

  • It rained last night.  Which is quite fitting since my day of work, yesterday, was sunny, and today, it is my day off.
  • I vowed to spend the entirety of Sunday Evening with my son Tony, and that I wouldn't be distracted from him by checking the Internet or reading.  In my mind's eye, it was going to be so wonderful.  I would give Tony my full and undivided attention.  I would play cars with him.  I would play train with him.  I would talk to him and teach him some vocabulary.  That was the plan. 
  • I do have to admit that sometimes I ignore Tony so I can do some blogging, or listening to podcast.  So the plan was necessary.
  • How did it pan out?  Well, I did quickly look at my emails a few times.  I did listen to a podcast.  I did publish two blog entries:  here and here.  But overall, I spent 95 percent of my time with him, and the blog entries I published had been written earlier in the day.  I set up the train set for Tony.  And even though I listened to a podcast,  I sat beside him as I was doing so.
  • I love bread and pineapple beerSo does Tony.
  • Here is some poetry.
  • I facilitated a conversation class, sometimes over the weekend, about Family Values.  I asked the students if they thought the importance of family to the Chinese had increased or diminished in its' recent history.  They all said it had increased because of either "the one-child policy making family members rarer" or "the increased wealth that Chinese family members now had."
  • Should I shave on my day off?  That is a complicated question.  Perhaps, I should do a photo essay about this.


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