Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a back-to-work Wednesday in Mid-March 2011

  • Back to work!  Let the madness begin!
  • March madness brings on April sadness -- April being the cruelest month, what with it breeding lilacs out of something or other.
  • I just received a chain text message on my phone, in English, from an unknown number.  I will tempt fate and not re-send it.
  • Yesterday, I saw a flat-bed truck, no canopy, transporting a group of about 25 workers, all male and all in their forties -- the workers were squatting and huddled together in the back.  It is a sight, I sometimes see and wish I could take a photo of.  But I can never anticipate when such trucks will come, and when they do, I can't take my camera out fast enough.
  • This "press release" from the Wuxi government is unintentionally funny.  The Wu Culture Festival will be opened on April 10.  The deputy director of the festival is also the director of the Department of Propaganda.  (And you thought WCE was just a spoof!)
  • If you can visit this WCE blog and check out the comments made by Orient Express.
  • My son Tony likes to take a toy with to school.  This is against school policy but we let Tony do it anyway.  This morning, he wanted his Red Double-Decker bus toy, which he got in Canada in June last year.  I made him put the toy in his schoolbag -- put the curse off it, as the saying goes.  But as soon as we got to the stop, where his school van picks up him, Tony had to pull the toy out of his bag.
  • March 14, "pi" day, was a good day for blog.  An entry I made on March 14, 2009 about "pi" day was viewed a lot yesterday.  But not too many visitors stayed to explore the blog, alas!
  • I did things different today.  I took the #602 bus downtown.  Instead of getting off at the train station, I de-boarded at an earlier stop, walked a block, and took the #85, the rest of the way, to school.
  • Wednesday evening, my wife will go pickup the photos that were taken on Tony's recent photo shoot.  Expect to see the photos over the next few days at TKIC.

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