Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why I love China: Days with sights like this!

Thursday morning, I saw the following things:

  • I saw a man pulling a cart in front of the bus I was in, slowing the bus down.  This happened because subway construction had forced buses to ride in what was normally the bike lane.  The bus had no choice but to wait till the cart got to a spot where another lane opened up.
  • Subway construction.  The columns supporting the track were slowly being erected.
  • Boat traffic.  You never see this in the part of Canada where I come from.
  • On-the-street massages.
  • Staff standing in rank in front of their hair salon.  In Canada, hair salon personnel would be the last possible people you would expect to adopt military posture.
  • Street argument between a security guard and a civilian.  The civilian and guard had to be restrained from each other.  A crowd gathered including the guard's colleagues, the civilian's companions, and numerous onlookers.
  • A man taking morning nap in park.  What kind of life scenario leads to a person doing that?
  • Someone gave me a "Wow!  You are a foreigner" friendly smile.

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