Saturday, September 18, 2010

Student names and naming students

Here are some names the students have given themselves:
  • Aaron (I tell the student that that is the middle name of my nephew).
  • Austin (I tell the student about Stone Cold Steve Austin even though it means nothing to him).
  • Boris (This student is nothing like Boris Yeltsin).
  • Eugene ( a great name.  I call him Eugene, Eugene, the dancing machine.  Of course, he doesn't know of what I speak.)
  • LJ (This student took the initials of his Chinese name to make his English name.  A good idea which I will try whenever I give students English names).
  • LZ (ditto with LJ).
  • Queen (Like students whose Chinese name Wang means King, this girl called herself Queen because that is what her Chinese name is).
  • Poplary (His Chinese name means Poplar in English.  I told him to drop the "y").
I have been tempted to name students with obscure names from the Bible.

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