Monday, September 6, 2010

Not much to say but I have a lot of photos to show you.

A Chilean Bus System  What is like if a city transit system is privately run?  Listen to this podcast to find out.

Progress  Slowly, and uncertainly, I am learning Chinese.  I did have an instance where my study of Chinese characters paid off.  What happened was that I had two students without English names.  I taught a class to them and they presented me with paperwork in Chinese.  I was able to look at the characters on one sheet and match it up with the pinyin written on another.

Undershorts  On the bus ride home Friday evening, I saw a lot of Chinese men in their undershorts.  Many of them were washing themselves.  They were also battling the late-summer heat.  Maybe, I have been in China a long time but, it struck me that it didn't seem so unnatural to see this as it would have if I had seen lots of men wearing undershorts on a trip through, say, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

Hu's the opposition leader and star hockey player?  You can never be in China too long, but you can be in it for a long time.  You know, as a Canadian, that you  have been in China a long time when you don't know what the federal opposition leader or the best hockey player look like.

A  Andis's acting aesthetically as an Adonis always acquired admiration, alcohol, apples, and aqueducts as awards.
Oktoberfest  I went to the 4th one at the Kempenski Hotel on Saturday Night.  I had a good enough time of it, dancing and singing.  However, the food and beer was richer that I am accustomed to, and I felt I was about to burst.  It took an hour of sweating to get rid of the bloated feeling I had.  I also didn't care for the band playing the Macarame song.
My Magazine Article  I finally saw the Hui Shan article I had published in WuxiLife magazine.  I found a copy of the magazine in the lobby of the lounge at the Kempenski -- I was impressed with what the graphics guy did with the photos I submitted.
O'Connor's Letters  I am now reading the letters of Flannery O'Connor.  All  I can say is wow!  I am definitely converted.

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