Thursday, September 30, 2010

Golden Week Blogging

Mad Man One I heard references to Mad Man on an ESPN podcast but I still don't quite get the appeal of the show. I feel I am watching the show because I made a commitment. But the show is far too much of a soap opera -- the being in the sixties doesn't seem to be there as much as I hoped.

Phew! I lost my wallet but someone found it for me.

Google Reader In the Google Reader, you can mark the articles you like so that other Google Reader readers can see your approval. Krugman entries seem to have lots of likers -- Fools I would say, and I wish there was a way that I could register my disapproval -- it seems this is not allowed. So, I am reduced to marking every article written by John Derbyshire, David Warren and the writer of the Krugman in Wonderland blog as liked by me. (Not that this is a bad thing -- these writers deserve wide approval).

Precautions I have to have my parent pass swiped every time I go to Tony's school. Should I moan about the bureaucraticness of this or think of if as a reasonable safety precaution?

Cool Hand Luke A prison movie starring Paul Newman. At one point Newman's character, Cool Hand Luke, eats fifty eggs in an hour. The movie is the kind of movie that wants to win an Academy award. Done in the early seventies, Luke acts cool (like Steve McQueen). The film tries to shock us in ways that are now dated.

Australian Rules Football Grand Final I have sent an email of concern to my favorite Australian about the "Super Bowl" of Australia having had a draw result. After hearing about Australia's vodoo-determined election results, I wonder if some proportional representation rules were used in awarding points to each of the finalist. Perhaps, they should have done a recount -- sixty eight is a big number to count to.

The Grey Cup Is Canada's version of the Grand Final. The Grey Cup goes to the Canadian World Champions of Canadian Rules Football.

Mad Men Two Don Draper had at least three affairs and his wife knows of one of them. Yet, he denies. But now his wife doesn't want him to come home. What's he going to do?

Lobsters and Laptops From trainer Dennis. A student mixed up lobster and laptop -- said he had a lobster in his briefcase. Another student had an accident -- he said he hit a big frog (he meant fog).

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