Saturday, September 18, 2010

Imagined bits of conversation

A:  I say we nuke them!
B:  Now, now good chap!  That's not cricket.  Let's be reasonable.  We will throw rocks at them, but only after sending them a letter written in the sternest of language.
A:  I think the marginal tax rates are too high.
B:  Racist!
A:  Let insurance companies compete across state lines!
B:  Hater!
A:  Why did you get the divorce?!?
B:  I wanted to do something with my life.
A:  Listen hear ******!  I am gonna take your &&&*&*&&*& and stuff it so far up your @@@**^^^ you are going to have to call the department of &!@#$$%^& to extract it!  Don't you ever ever say anything against my fill-in-the-blank favorite sports team franchise or the #$%^#$ I happen to be with on this particular occaision.  Kapeche?  Comprehendez?  Understand?  明白吗?
B:  Velveeta!
A:  Velveeta?!?
B:  Sorry, I have a cold.
A: 没关洗  I thank you for doing something that I can get so self-righteous about that I can say the stick the whatever in the whose-it speech!
B: No problemo.
A:  我爱你
B:  好的
A:  I think we really should heed MLK's message and judge each other by the contents of our characters and not the colour of our skins.
B:  So you want to get rid of affirmative action and bring back  slavery, eh?


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