Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mid Autumn Bloggings

O'Donnell  It takes courage to go on MTV and make a stand against masturbation.  Perhaps, this person will have the courage to make government smaller as she said she would to win the primary.
Tweet  Any food that makes you shit good is good shit.
David Bowie  I watched a film, on DVD, of a Ziggy Stardust concert.  I wish I could have some of Bowie's wardrobe -- it would be a great teaching tool.
Cut Off  Taking Tony home Tuesday Evening by electric bike, I was cut-off by a turning van.  I gave the driver the middle-finger.  I should have rung his neck. 
Don't get me wrong!  I love Australians.  Mel Torme, Bruce Lee, F.A. Hayek, Yul Brynner, and Jospeh Haydn are Australians I truly admire.
The Childless  This lot of people who chose not to have children are becoming very militant according to this article.  To me this militancy is unfathomable in its selfishness.  Some of these childless people feel they are truly and cruelly discriminated against.  Of course they  are and must be discriminated against, but this is a positive sort of discrimination that benefits society as a whole.  We benefit from discrimination that allows the mostly competent to become doctors, for instance.  And society needs people to have children.  These childless people are essentially asking the society from which they benefit to kill itself.  If they don't like children, they don't like people, and perhaps they should look at the mirrow.

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