Friday, April 16, 2010

Saturday, Saturday, alright! alright?

Never Bought a CD
I did a salon class about music in which I asked the students about their music-acquiring habits and had one student tell me that she has never bought a music CD, and so essentially has never bought music at all.
No one in the class, except me, had bought records -- these are things they have seen in movies.
Most of the class never heard of the Beatles, but they have heard of Mariah Carey.  Those two facts together are scary.  Separately, they are unimportant and not surprising.

I have been able to upload some videos to Youtube, but only after repeated tries.  In the last week, I have made 100 attempts to upload videos, with only three being successful.  I have to take a "give it a try but don't become obsessed about it" attitude.  Really, I want to be a writer-blogger, not a video content provider.  And the uploading of videos takes away from that.

I would like to ask the students "What is it with Pink?  Why is that color so associated with the female of the species?  Why did most men feel uncomfortable wearing it?"; but they won't understand that question.

Last night, I asked the students "Why is there music?", and they answered "to make us relax." which really didn't answer my question which was probably too deep for them to understand in a second language.

ABBA in China?
Another one of my students said she saw ABBA in Beijing  And she told me how the audience was seventy percent foreign and old, and they were dancing to the music.  I saw the same thing at the Rolling Stones concert in Shanghai -- I hadn't seen so many old white people together since I saw Mel Gibson's The Passion at a theater in the Bible Belt of British Columbia, Canada.  

That in turn tells me that I haven''t seen my relatives in a long time either.

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