Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday Focused Entry

I am trying to create an alliterative effect, so I looked for a synonym for "thought".  "Focus" was the only word in the list of syns that started with "f".  So there!
Two movies about Angels
I was able to watch a DVD in its' entirety on Wednesday Evening, but not before I didn't go through watching another in its' wholeness.
If you know about my son Tony, you must wonder how I was able to find the time.  Well, what I did was get Tony to watch Mickey Mouse on the computer -- that was the trick.
The next trick was to find a movie to watch.  I had nothing in mind, so I flipped through my stash.  I found Wings of Desire, a movie directed by Wim Wenders, that I was much taken with back in my schooling days.  Its' basic storyline is that an angel decides to abandon eternity to be mortal and have a life.  The film seemed life-affirming, profound, and featured the music of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  So it was cool and everything else.  When DVDs came out, I looked everywhere for a copy of Wings of Desire, which I eventually found.
Anyway, Wednesday,  I started watching Wings of Desire.  The first thing I noticed was that its 'pace  was terribly slow -- the Angels talked a lot, and made their point early on  -- I thought "get on with the story!"  My wife Jenny joined me to watch the start of the movie and soon told me to get another film -- the film had no story she said.
So, flipping through my collection, I found It's a Wonderful Life starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed -- a film like WoD that has angelic characters, although the IWL's main character is just an ordinary mortal.  Jenny enjoyed It's a Wonderful Life and wasn't aware of the movie being a perennial Christmas must-watch in the West.  Which goes to show ya....

They don't make movies like they used.  And slow, ponderous movies are boring and a test of one's patience.

If only I had the time, I could write a good essay about the differences in the two movies and the points of view they each represent.

No! No! No!
Tony answers all questions with that phrase.  And since the questions contradict themselves, Tony does as well.

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