Friday, April 9, 2010

Russians, Stinky Feet, and the Tumbly-Bo Reunion

Women drinking on the Subway
I had a student, Friday night, tell me that he has been to Moscow and had witnessed open drinking of alcohol on the subway there -- and he said more women than men were doing this.

I will ask the students what they think and know about Russia in a future English Corner.

My experience with Russians in China has been minimal -- surprising considering how Russia is a neighboring country.

Stinky Feet
The same student told me another funny anecdote about being invited to eat with the Japanese.  One of the student's colleagues has a stinky foot problem.  So when the colleague went to the dinner, there hadn't been time for a change of shoes and a foot-wash, and since it is customary to sit at a low table without shoes, cross-legged, there was a noticeable odor.  The colleague was very embarrassed about this, and yet the Japanese hosts didn't appear to notice.

The student cited this anecdote of proof of the wonderful manners of the Japanese.  It could also be that the Japanese are used to this.  But I would say it was the former explanation that is true.

A Tumbly-Bo -- Tony Reunion
Read about Tony and his doll here.

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