Friday, April 2, 2010

One more day of school and then a field trip

Yang Shan Peach Blossoms
I may have spelt the name of the mountain we are going to tomorrow wrong.  Be that as it may, we are going somewhere Sunday and circumstances permitting, I will bring Tony with me so his mother can have a day off.
We will go, by bus, to this mountain in the Wuxi outskirts to look at Peach Blossoms, celebrate Easter, and compete in a photo contest.
Expect photos and video in this blog.
A Student from the B of C
It was just my luck that I had a class with an employee from the Bank of China Friday evening, only days after my B of C incident which I reported about earlier..  However, this student worked at a branch other than the one at which I swore at the employees.  I told the student what happened on the Tuesday and admitted that I had probably over-reacted.  She seemed to sympathize with me, and accept my sheepishness as sincere.  However, in my recounting of the incident, I didn't give her an accurate rendition of the language I had used on her colleagues at another branch.

Moving on from that, I asked the student, who had some financial acumen, about Wuxi's subway.  She told she didn't support it, citing the obvious fact that these things never make money.  As well, she told me that the financing of the project is questionable with worries that the company building it will not  be able to pay back the loans.

Don't give me the seat!
I took a crowded #25 bus to work Saturday morning.  I had to stand but I figured it was my turn to, having been fortunate lately in always being able to get a seat.  As well, I had some hot new political podcasts to listen to (Ricochet and Shire Network News). 

So, I was in my own zone for a while when I happened to notice a woman with baby standing near me.  I debated whether to tell the young woman I was standing near to yield her seat to the mother -- I chose not to out of shyness and because it wasn't maybe a good idea to tell the locals how to behave in their environment.  And it just so happened that the woman sitting had to get off.  However when this women got up, she wanted to give the seat to me.  I did the right thing but felt embarrassed at the favourable treatment.

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