Friday, April 30, 2010

May Day! May Day! Help Me! Help Me! Help Me?

A Nucks-Habs Final
Dare to dream.  Just imagine.  Let your fancy run wild.  What are the chances?  Cross your fingers, and pray or hope!  Could the Vancouver Canucks and the Montreal Canadiens meet in the Stanley Cup Final?  There is a chance -- they are among the eight teams left in the Stanley Cup and being in different brackets, they could only meet in the final.  And if it did happen, it would almost be enough to stop me from complaining about Hockey being played into late June and July.
Tony continues to make history
Tony is piling up the historical firsts these days.  As I just mentioned in another blog, Tony saw a public portrait of me and exclaimed "That's Daddy" for all to hear.  He is also counting.  Into my office he went and spun a chair, saying "one, two, three, four" as he did so.  He is also muttering lines from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:  "Oh Toddles!". 
These things happened on April Thirty Day.
Do I need help?
Of course.  But then who doesn't?  We live in an interdependent world where no one could be a self-contained unit.  The best of us may claim to self-sufficient, but at best, they enjoy more fruits of the interdependence then others, or they have rejected the fruits as much as possible without ever not enjoying the fruits at all.
Long Hair
Standing at the bus stop, I saw this woman trying to catch a taxi.  It took her five minutes to catch one, which is another story, but what really struck me about her was the length of her hair -- it was straight and hung below her knees.  This seemed to be unusual to me, or it was it just a case of my never having paid attention to it before?
The BBC radio program In Our Time currently is presenting an episode about the Great Wall of China.  I downloaded it on Friday afternoon, and listened to it on my trek home by bus in the evening.  I will say the program is interesting and informative, even if it is done by the BBC.
The BBC has a notorious left-wing bias.  But I do listen to this one show because I do have to expose myself to what the Left thinks.  Occasionally, this challenges my worldview but more often than not, it confirms to me the errors of their assumptions.
Case in point, one of the guest professors (historians) on the In Our Time  "Great Wall" episode, put forth the standard left-wing line about how we must avoid "Judgementalism".  He said this when he made a point of declining to call the people outside the Great Wall "Barbarians", and used  the less-offensive term "Northern Peoples of Different Cultures".  Now whether these people outside the wall were barbaric or less-civilized is a matter of historical judgement -- historians do have to judge based on the evidence they have.  It is okay to say you disagree with these judgements and that these judgements are based on very superficial or inadequate evidence.  But you can't say that you aren't allowed to judge.   It seems that the professor is really scared of making harsh judgements -- not truthful judgements.  The Left, with this kind of thinking, is warped.

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