Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Tomb Sweeping Day! Happy Easter!

Two holidays at the same time
Easter in the West, Tomb Sweeping Day here, I have two holidays to think about.  So to anyone who may be reading or glancing at this, I hope you properly observe, and recall the pain and suffering endured whether by Christ on the cross, or your ancestors in the bad old days.
I have to confess that I never properly thought about Easter till this year, and I have to further confess that I haven't observed the holiday in a fitting fashion, except reading some reflections on the Passion of Christ.  I hope I will be better about this in the future.
Leo A. gets lost
Leo the Greek, teacher at HyLite, and former operator of a Wuxi Greek restaurant got lost on the school field trip, thereby assuring himself legendary status in HyLite folklore.  On these field trips, it is everyone for himself or herself with an understanding that everyone meets up again at some designated point at a certain time.  Leo observed this but went the wrong way to get to the meeting point.  The park, the school went to, had many exits and so Leo unfortunately took the wrong one.
Thankfully, it being the Mobile Phone age, Leo was in constant contact with others.  But it took a while to ascertain what he had done; and none of the HyLite group could determine where he had gone.  So, the police had to be brought in.  It took two attempts by a motorcycle cop to locate Leo who was eventually escorted back  to rejoin the group.
Tony laughs at a Pheasant
AKIC reported to you earlier that Tony, on the school trip, behaved well in the morning but was a pain-in-the-ass in the afternoon.  The one time when Tony was pleasant to be with was when he watched this lone pheasant madly running about in a restaurant's holding pen.  The pheasant, seemingly aware of his fate, dashed and stumbled madly to get out the cage.  Tony laughed his head off, as the expression goes, observing this, especially when the pheasant stumbled.
Carrying Tony on my shoulders up Yang Shan, I gave in to the temptation to compare the carrying of Tony to the carrying of the cross up Golgotha.  We do have to suffer for others, whether in the moment or for all time.
Fish Hot Pot
Sunday afternoon, Jenny came to downtown Wuxi to meet us who hath returned from the school trip, and her friend Ling Ling (who is pregnant).  The four of us went to a Fish Hot Pot restaurant on the part of Wu Ai Lu which is near the Grand Canal -- I can't think of the bridge name. 
The restaurant's decor, which was pretty spartan, featured photos of Chinese fisherman and some very big fish they had caught. 
The restaurant had a selection of big fish in a freezer which customers could inspect.
The choosen fish and other selected vegetables were then mixed together with spices, and cooked in pots that were built into the tables.
Jenny and Ling Ling who wanted to come to the restaurant because of seeing an advertisement, were underwhelmed.  I didn't mind it so much because Jenny made sure lots of potatoes were thrown in in the mix.  Tony didn't want to be there and started to ask his mother to put her clothes on -- he used the Chinese phrase.

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