Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monday Morning Ramblings

I am at work and I have to keep myself busy, so here goes nothing:

Mickey Mouse in Spanish
Tony has got Mickey Mouse on the brain as the expression goes.  He just can't get enough of it.  And he begs so much for it, that he can pronounce the words "Mickey Mouse" quite properly, which gets me to thinking.  What if he watches Double M in Spanish?  Could he pick up on some Spanish too?  Spanish always sounds cool to me, even though the methods of social organization of Spanish people leave something to be desired.  Having a kid that could speak Spanish seems a cool idea.

And it just so happened that last night when I, at Tony's beckoning, put the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD into the player, the menu showed it had a Spanish audio option.  I choose it and hoped for the best.  But Tony seemed puzzled and was hoping to use the English vocabulary he had picked up from the MM shows already.

So much for that idea.

The Three Conditionals
If I know, I will know.
If I knew, I'd know.
If I had known, I would have known

If it had been in Spanish, it would have been the three amigos, that's for sure.

Anything Goes
I hope not.

The Polish Plane Disaster
You can't blame anyone for suspecting the Russians having something to do with that airplane crash that killed the Polish President.  The Russians, and Soviets have a proven track record of lying -- the Katyn Massacre, that the Polish President was going to and which the Russians lied about, is proof of that.  If the Russians really wanted to absolve themselves of blame for this crash, they should invite an impartial international commission to conduct an investigation of the accident instead of having Putin, a former KGB agent and manipulator of the Russian constitution, personally head it.  It is like having Stalin take part in the investigation of the Ukraine Famine.

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