Saturday, January 9, 2010

To Do: A Forgotten blog entry unearthed.

To Do List
My latest innovation in personally organizing myself everyday is to make a To Do List which I keep on the top of the pile on my desk.  I scratch things off the list when they are completed or thought about (on second though, I find I should make a To Do Eventually List).  This practice does keeps me busy and consistent.  

On my list I make mention of books I am in the midst, Chinese study, movies to be watched or found, people to be contacted, and a Gratitude, Acknowledgement, Request list I think about when in my spare moments of the day.

What I am in the midst of reading
I am reading, currently, an e-novel version of Journey to the West, essays of Montaigne, Sonnets of Shakespeare, letter of Vincent Van Gogh, a Jeeves-Wooster novel, poems of Emily Dickinson, poems of Tennyson, the Bible, poems by Elizabeth Bishop, Pascal's Pensees, and Chesterton's The Everlasting man.

Pregnant Staff
Three girls are pregnant or or pregnancy leave as I write.  In the office next to me sits Elsi who is expecting a baby in March.  One of her department mates, Sichuan girl, may have already had her baby, as has Regina, who is a consultant and works downstairs from my office.

Talking to Himself
The man, I sat beside on the bus Friday as I went to work, was talking to himself.  I wonder if he thought I was just another local to make random remarks to.

Roadwork on Xicheng Road
The road I normally take home is being torn up from one end to another, as work on Wuxi's first subway line continues.

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