Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back to work after a glum day off

No Tesco
It being cold on Wednesday (Sunwednesday in AKIC speak), I stayed home and looked after Tony while reading Pascal and Chesterton in snatches.  I didn't go to the newly-opened Tesco.  My wife tells me it is bigger and somewhat more expensive than Carrefour Baoli. 

I will report to you the new Tesco when I go next week.  I am sure to go then.

VPN trouble
I was able to finally upload two WTUs to Youtube after nearly a week of trying.  A lot of time yesterday was also wasted because of this.

Being with Tony, all the day
I would be lying if I said that being Tony all day yesterday was sugar and bliss.  It was trying and frustrating for both of us.  I felt trapped indoors and Tony's curiosity was insatiable and dangerous.  Sometimes, we didn't understand each other.  But, at the end of the day, he fell asleep beside me; and this morning, I got a good bye kiss as I left for work.  

So there are payoffs to this parenting thing.

Fog today
The highways were closed this morning because of the fog.  I figured this out as I saw hundreds of trucks lined up as I took the bus to work this morning.

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