Tuesday, January 5, 2010

AKIC Weekend Day Two Blog Entry

Peter Pan
Tony has a huge supply of DVDs which he can watch.  His favorites include Teletubbies, The Incredibles, In the Night Time Garden, The Wizard of Oz, and Walt Disney's Peter Pan.  Tuesday afternoon, Tony handed me the Peter Pan DVD to put in the DVD player -- he said "Peter Pan" as he did so.
White Elephant
There is a Tesco being set-up near our apartment, but I can't help but think it is being put in the biggest White Elephant I have ever seen.  The Retail area in the Supermarket will operate has 80 percent vacancy, at least!  It was quite a forlorn sight, to see brand spanking new hallways and escalators covered with a year's accumulation of dust.
Phonecall with my sister
I hadn't talked to my sister for over five years till Tuesday.  Why?  I never got around to it and I have always communicated with her by email.  Talking to her, I was reminded of some reasons that I left beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  First, She told me that when she went skiing at Manning Park, she saw a man or lout pull out a beer and a joint on the chair lift -- nothing was done to stop him.  Benita  told me that these barbaric habits are becoming more and more open.  Second, her children, my nephew and niece, are attending middle school.  Their days start at nine and finish at three thirty in the afternoon.  Chinese middle school and high school students start at seven thirty and finish at five.  The teachers' union in Canada have it set up that their members have short days and don't need to help with any of the students' extracurricular activity.  And the curriculum, says my sister, is bullshit.  They study things like Aboriginal history and Humanities.  I think I will have Tony attend Chinese schools for a while.  Maybe, he will learn some reading, writing, and arithmetic.  It sounds like they don't teach these things in Canada anymore.

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