Friday, January 15, 2010

The edition for your weekend!

Your Weekend
So it is your weekend.  Set to go on a weekend getaway?  Have a party to go to?  Time to have a life you say?
Live every moment!  What is the matter with you?
Haiti Reaction
The students seem to have a dim awareness of the earthquake in Haiti, but the catastrophic nature of it hasn't gotten them to talk.  The subject of Haiti for me becomes a lecture -- not good.
Tony's moving
Tony, yesterday, was moving all his toy cars and trucks from the living room to under the old crib in the second bedroom.  Jenny tells me that Tony took each toy individually to the bedroom, moved the crib aside, laid down the toy, pushed the crib back in place, and then returned to pick up another toy and repeat the process.  There were about ten toys under the crib when I got home last night.
Tony notices Fireworks
Tony's first reaction to fireworks was fear.  It later became indifference.  But now, my wife tells me, Tony finds them interesting.  Last night, he ran to the window to watch a display.  He will have a lot to watch next month....
Google and China
Seablogger has this entry about Google and China.  One of the co-founders of Google was born in the Soviet Union, so he should have been under no illusions about his dealings with the Chinese.  You can also find out about China's most popular blogger.
I will have to find out if the students know about Han Han.
Nothing to do during the Spring Festival
Sadly, that is the complaint of some foreigners (laowai) about being in China during the Spring Festival.  Thankfully, that is not mine.  I have a million ways to occupy myself.
Ordering Shoes on the Internet
Nothing, I think, could be more problematic than ordering shoes on the Internet, but that is what Jenny did for me yesterday.  It seems that it is only on the Internet that I can find shoes that are my size: 46 and 47.  In Wuxi, all stores don't stock larger than 44.  The prices of the shoes seem reasonable:  my wife ordered two pairs for me for about 230 rmb.  But, the proof will be in the pudding.
Workers already at it
The apartment decoration process continues on the floor above us.  Hopefully, they will be finished in a month or so before the Spring Festival.  Anyway, as I type this Saturday morning at 730 a.m., I can hear them starting to work.

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