Monday, January 11, 2010

It is the AKIC weekend, more or less!

Overtime tonight
It is the weekend for me, alright!  I do have to go downtown to do some extra classes tonight but I won't let that put a damper on the feeling of weekendiness that I am experiencing now.
Spring Festival Preparations
If you are Chinese, you need to be preparing for the Spring Festival which starts on Valentine's Day next month.  You will need to find red tinsel to put on your front door, clean you house, prepare red envelopes full of money to give to the youngest generation, buy fireworks, arrange appointments to see all your relatives, and buy lots of food.
A movie starring Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford.  I bought the DVD for it at the third floor of the Nanchang Temple book mart.  I watched the movie last night.  I enjoyed it.  Rita was something else.  Glenn Ford was not good-looking by today's standards, but he did come across as an adult.  Everyone in the movie looked like an adult and so I had a hard time trying to guess their ages.

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