Saturday, January 30, 2010

HyLite 2010 Chinese New Year: The Dirt.

Tony attended Saturday evening's CNY dinner.  He behaved badly.  While his curiosity is something to be praised, his desire to own the object of his curiosity is most unfortunate.  His desire is so strong that it exhibits itself in the worst toddler behavior possible.  Last night, he threw tantrums and threatened to disrupt the festivities because he wanted to play with a drum set.  It took a combination of cola, beer, wine, and a spanking from his mother to calm him down.

While Tony's behavior last night, was best described as abominable, he did show affection for others combined with a discerning judgement of their merits.  He readily kissed everyone but gave more and longer kisses to the beauties at the dinner, as well as to the ones who treated him sympathetically.  He kissed some fifty people all told.

Staff Performances
The foreign trainers' rendition of Auld Lang Syne at the dinner was awful.  It was made all the more awful by the fact that the other staff of the school did admirable performances by actually having rehearsed beforehand.  The show of belly dancing performed by the Receptionists was so well done, it could have been professional.

Andis drank beer for the first time since the Chirstmas party, and is feeling it now as he makes this entry.  

One of the Chinese staff members told me that the foreigners were said to have drank too much.  

Although, you should have seen the president of the school as well as the president of the school's mother company -- one of them had to be carried out.

The Food
Andis's wife Jenny said the food was good.  Andis, who was chasing around Tony and trying to mingle, really couldn't have an opinion.  But if his wife is happy, he is happy.

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