Friday, January 22, 2010

AKIC Wedsaturday Entry

Only till Eight! Damn!
The #25 bus which goes directly to my work from Hui Shan City is running later into the evening, starting this week, but not late enough for me.  I need the bus to run till nine thirty, not just eight!

We won't be going to Beixing this Spring Festival!  Hooray!
The wife does want to go Beixing, her home town for the Spring Festival.  She wants to stay at Casa Kaulins and, for a few days, stay in Jiangyin.

Sounds fine by me.  And if we go to Jiangyin, I can take Tony to the shores of the Yangtze River to see the boat traffic and the great suspension bridge that is there.

Smarter than the Mob
Being a conservative, with their natural loathing of mobs, mob rules, and mob thinking, it always gives me joy to outsmart a mob.  Friday morning, I was waiting for the bus, the number 25 to be exact.  Well, a 25 bus came on which there were no available seats, and there were twelve people going to board.  I decided to wait.  Five minutes later, a 25 bus with many empty seats came and I was the lone passenger to board it.

Ah! The masses: what do they know?

Tony misses Me!
The wife informs me that many days at six p.m. or so, Tony says my name and hopes that I come through the door.  To try to rid Tony of this notion, my wife has phoned me at work to talk to him, but this has only gotten him upset.
Tony is 29!
As of Saturday, Tony is 29 months old.  It is hard to believe, for me anyway, that it was 29 months ago that Tony was born, but after doing the math, I see that it is so.

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