Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Mind is a blank

Lots of Video
I have recorded WTU 507, but it will be a while before I embed in my sites.  Right now, I hope you enjoy the videos I took with Michael at the Wu Culture Park.

Morning Image
I saw the aftermath of two accidents Sunday Morning.  I saw the motorcycle leaning between a Truck and a guard rail.  I then saw an electric bicycle crushed under the front tire of a van.

Reading a Chinese Book on the Bus
A foreigner reading a Chinese book on the bus is an interesting sight for the locals.  Yesterday, as I studying my book of Chinese Humorous Stories (all jokes are presented in English, Pinyin, and Chinese Characters), I caught, in the corner of my eye, a person starring at me.  Turning that person's way, they quickly turned their head.

Long Time, No Hear From
I re-initiated contact with someone who I hadn't seen since my University Days over 27 years ago.  He told me he has a son who just graduated from University.  Boy, I am I old and really behind.  My son is just learning to talk.

Wuxi Cartoon Toys Museum
I must take Tony to this place.

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